Nando Vila

Vila is head of studio at Exile Content Studio, the leading Spanish-language studio creating premium, bilingual original content for more than 550 million Spanish speakers worldwide. The studio’s purpose is to enable Latino and Hispanic communities to create and share content that reaches and resonates with universal audiences, thereby helping to provide more and better representation of creators, producers, and people from different cultures and backgrounds. Vila oversees the studio’s content and production strategy, focusing on creating quality content highlighting the Hispanic experience with a global appeal and leveraging opportunities to adopt new formats and technologies to engage, reach, and entertain audiences across all platforms. Currently, Vila leads a team that is constantly mining for compelling, entertaining, engaging, and diverse stories and content to bring to, and amplify among, a global audience. Under Vila’s leadership, Exile is currently developing several high-profile projects, including films and series in partnership with George R.R. Martin to produce “Hunter’s Run,” Gran Vía Productions to produce “Amén,” a Lucía Puenzo-directed global series about reclaiming pre-Columbian art pieces and bringing them back to their original territory; and a queer romantic comedy led by Mexican comedian Manu Nna.